Antique Book Covers, acrylic and porcelain legs

The Good Bad Girl
Working Girl
Into A Mans World
The Adventures of A Black Girl In Her Search for God
The Hollywood Girl
The Girl Wanted
For Boys Only
Stunts and Tumbling for Girls
Reflections of A Bachelor Girl
The First Ladies of Texas
An Old Fashioned Girl
Birth Control for Saints and Sinners
That Queer Girl
Stray Thoughts for Girls
The Wall Street Girl
Gangster Girl
Gunpowder Girl
Nice and Nasty
Desparate Women
Bad Girl
The Girl From Hollywood
The Strange Woman
The Woman of the Twilight
Fun For Boys
The Foolish Virgin
Child Wife
Bought Woman
The Primadonna
The Wilful Way
Mary Jane
Sex Without Fear
A Boston Girls Ambitions
Gunpowder Girl
Wartime Jobs For Girls
Bad Girl
The Youngest Girl In The School
The Girl Who Wanted Experience
Sex and Birth Control
Fun For Boys
The Wiles of Women
Ladies of Negotiable Virtue
The Quest of the Golden Girl
Kept Woman
A Strange Woman
Ammunition Handling
Bad Girl Leaves Town
Lets Make Mary
Birth Control
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A Young Gilrs Wooing
In Shadow of Young Girls in Flower
The Girl From Capitol Hill
Shall Girls Propose
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MIXED MEDIA 12 x 12"
Jail Bait Lolita
Nancy Gifford Art Lolita Series

© 1980 through 2019 Nancy Gifford Artist

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Desparate Women