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It's Liquid INTERVIEW:      

Extended Body, It's Liquid: Artist of the Day



SB SEASONS Magazine: "Artist and Curator Extraordinaire" by Cheryl Crabtree

CREATIVE PAPER: current edition

CREATIVE PAPER: second edition:  Pages 44-49

SULLIVAN GOSS:  System Disruption

SULLIVAN GOSS:  Red Headed Stepchild





Lisa Osborn Artist Interview:


Lisa Osborn Artist Interview:


Lisa Osborn Art Curator Interview:


Ted Mills Artist Interview Review 2015


Santa Barbara Digs Magazine Interview 2012:

Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine, Disordery Construct:

Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine Interviews of Nancy Gifford


UCSB Library Exhibit:

Nancy Gifford Videos on VIMEO:



          New York Times, march 7, 2019

         "Behold the Tiniest of Books" by Sarah Lyall


           Literary Features Syndicate

          "Miniature books at Grolier Club put in a Mighty Show", Abigail Constance Richter


           Arts Summary: A Visual Journal, March 14, 2019

           "A Matter of Size", The Grolier Society


           Fine Books & Collections, March 8, 2019

           "Miniature Books at Grolier Club put on a Mighty Show" by Barbara Brisbane Richter


            Tideline Press 2017:  "Mincing Words: A Collection of Duets" by  Nancy Gifford


            City Guide: New York, Exhibition on Miniature Bindings and Texts at Grolier Club


            "Mincing Words" I and II LINKS:

            Mincing Words Version I by Tideline Press & Louise Bescond France Binding




              Mincing Words Version II by Br. Edgar Claes in Belgium


2018    CCBA MILAN 2018, Page 18:


            Montecito Journal, October 11, 2018

            “Red-Headed Stepchild at Sullivan Goss”, by Joanne A. Calitri

            CreativPaper:  second edition for me:


                 SB News Press, June 23, 2018  Scene Magazine

             “Night and Day”  Josef Woodard


                 SB Seasons, September 13, 2018

             “The Red-Headed Stepchild: The History of Collage & Assemblage in Santa Barbara: 1955-2018

              by Taryna Hollinger


              Montecito Journal, October 11, 2018

              "Red-Headed Stepchild at Sullivan Goss", by Joanne A. Calitri

              SB News Press, December 14, 2018  Scene Magazine

              "Art for Gifting Sake, Westmont" by Josef Woodard


2017     KZSB Radio Interview; Elizabeth Stewart, June 9, 2017  11:12 AM


             Creative Paper Magazine, February 2017 issue

             8 page interview, 84 - 91: Jimmy Outhwaite



             CCBA, eight edition: Open Art Milano,  PAGE 93


               Costal View News, April 11, 2017

               “Book Merges Art & Literature”


               VOICE Magazine, May 19, 2017

               "Experience Spontaneity in the Funk Zone", Page 22


               SEASONS Magazine, May 22, 2017

               "Disorderly Conduct", Lauren Bennett


              SB News Press, June 9, 2017  Scene Magazine

              "Different Brushstroke", Josef Woodard


              Montecito Journal, May 15 - 22, 2017

              Local Artists are "Out of Place" by Scott Craig

              SB Independent, June 13, 2017

               "Punk and Disorderly"

               Disorderly Construct breaks the law, Charles Donelan


               SB News Press, June 16, 2017

               "Out of Place", Josef Woodard

               Montecito Journal, June 15 - 22, 2016

               "Arts Fund Exhibit", Joanne A Calitri

               SB Independent, August 9, 2017

               "Stepping into the Unknown", Jackie Botts


              SBCAST:  Winter Whites: Poetry in White

              Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science & Technology



2016    SB Sentinel, December 2016

            “ArtBeat”, Jacquelyn de Longe, PAGE 22


           SB Independent, November, 2016

            “Herd Around the World”, Charles Donelan

            SB News Press,  July 14, 2016

            “The Finer Points”, Josef Woodard

            SB Independent, July 14, 2016

            “Focus on Finer Things”, Richie DeMaria

            SB Independent, January 14, 2016

            “Art of the Crossroads”, Charles Donelan


            CASA Magazine, January 1, 2016

            UCSB Library Ribbon Cutting   PAGE 2


            Montecito Journal, January 21, 2016

            “UCSB Library Opens”, Joanne Calitri

            Montecito Journal, January 21, 2016

            “Cover to Cover”, Richard Mineards

            Camera Obscura, 2016

            "Lament by Nancy Gifford"


            Daily Nexus, January 23, 2016

            “LAMENT serves as Tribute”, Kiana Triana


            SB Season’s Magazine, August 28, 2016



2015    SB News Press,  December 18, 2015

            “Art Bazaar”, Josef Woodard

            SB News Press,  June 5, 2015

            “Vital Signs”, Josef Woodard

            CASA Magazine, May 29, 2015

            “Walk Under the Red Umbrella”  Page 27


            Montecito Journal, May 21, 2015

            “A Vital Exhibition”,  Scott Craig


2014    Art Limited., January, 2015

            “Requiem for the Bibliophile”, Charles Donelan

            Studio Visit Magazine, Vol. 27  “Lament”   Page 75 - 76


            SB News Press,  December 26, 2014

            “Masterpiece”, Josef Woodard  Best of 2014

            Fine Books & Collections, December 2014

            “Requiem for the Bibliophile”, Barbara Basbanes Richter


            SB News Press,  November 28, 2014

            “Words Have It”, Josef Woodard

            SB Independent, September 18, 2014

            “Book Smart”, Nathan Vonk 


            Montecito Journal, November 13, 2014

            “Requiem for the Bibliophile”, Joanne Calitri

            SB News Press, September 12, 2014

            “Closing the books”, Ted Mills


            CASA Magazine, September 5, 2014

            “Requiem for the Bibliophile”, Kerry Methner  PAGE 11


            SB Magazine, Fall 2014

            “Writing on the Wall”, Lorie Porter

            SB News Press, March 21, 2014

            “Goofing Off”, Ted Mills

            Librarian Blog, November 2014

            "Requiem for the Bibliophile", Janet Reid


2013    SB News Press, May 24, 2013

            “Contemplations”, Josef Woodard

            Westmont Blog


2012    SB Independent, May 30, 2012

            “Reinventing Tic Tac Toe”, Charles Donelan


            SB News Press, December 28, 2012

            “Numbers Gaming Art”,  Josef Woodard


2011    CASA Magazine, December, 2011

            “Grand”,  Kerry Methner

            SB News Press, March 11, 2011

            “Artburgers in Paradise”, Josef Woodard

            Montecito Journal, February 24, 2011

            “Contemporary Arts Forum”, Joanne Calitri

            SB Independent, June 2, 2011

            “Home Show Revisited”  Charles Donelan


            SB Independent, January 13, 2011


            “Eating Apples”  Charles Donelan


2010    Art Limited, Fall Preview Issue

            “Geometric Abstraction: Recurring Patterns”



            SB News Press, Nov. 19, 2010

            “Patterns at Play”, Josef Woodard

            SB News Press, Oct. 8, 2010,

            “Lost in the Thicket”, Josef Woodard

            Montecito Journal, Aug. 26, 2010

            “In the Studio”, Steven Libowitz

            Casa Magazine, July 30, 2010

            “Recurring Patterns”, Adriana Mcelwain

            SB Independent, Sep. 9, 2010,

            “Rape Fields of Kent” at SG


            SB News Press, Sep, 26, 2010

            “Leap of Faith”, L. Wilson


2008    Naples Daily News, Jan. 18 –

            “Cowgirl Attitude” , Janice T. Paine Pick of the Week


2007    Gulfshore Life, 2008 Annual

            “Joan of Art”   David Sendler

            Naples News Press, Feb.21 – Staff

            “Bayfront Gallery Row”


2006    Naples Daily News, Dec.22  

            “A Dizzying Affair”,  Janice T. Paine

            Naples Illustrated, December

            “Mixed Media”,  Sarah FK Coble     

            Gulfshore Life, July 

            “Stars to keep an eye on”,  Tracy Jones


2005    Jonathan Goodman, Critic,

            Catalogue forward, September

            “Icons for the Start of a Century”

            Miami Herald, April 28     Staff critic

            “Artist judges a book by its cover”, Andrea Torres

            Miami New Times, January 6-12   

            “Undercover”, Franklin Einspruch, critic


2004    Miami Herald, October 29 

            “Call to Arts”,   Carlos Suarez de Jesus, Staff critic

            Miami Herald, August 13    

            “Pop! Goes the Ashmore Gallery”, Carl Zablotny

            Ego Trip Magazine, August

            “Down with P-O-P”, Melissa Cantor


2003    Who’s Who in American Women


2002    Naples Daily News,Staff critic

            “Encounter with Art”,            Donald Miller

            Naples Daily News, March  

            “Essence of it All”,  Janice T. Paine, Contributing Critic

            Who’s Who in American Women


2001    Naples Illustrated, Summer Edition

            Art Scene Review  “Exquisite Tension”


2000    Florida Star, #1 Summer  

            “Die Kunstlerin Mumtaz”,  Sandra Fischer-Williams

            Naples Daily News, March 13 

            “The Road to Art”, Linda Gordon

            nMagazine, November 

            “Zen and the Art of Mumtaz”, Tracy McNulty


1991    Long Beach Press Telegraph, July 21

            “Trash Turns Terrific, Found Object as Art”,  Kinny Littlefield


1990    Art Calendar, May

            Award Winners Showcase, Cover Photo


1989    Art Calendar, July

            Award Winners Showcase, Back Cover Photo


1988    Manhattan Arts, January Vol.V #4   

            “Elegance at Carminel”, Dennis Wepman

            Los Angeles Times, Part VI, June 17            

            Cynthia H. Craft, Staff critic

            “Century Gallery Showcases Art, the Environment”

            Times, Riverside Edition, March    

            “Eye-catching”, Mary Alice Cline, Staff critic


1987    Los Angeles Times, Art News, July 

             “Show Studies Survival”,  Zan Dubin  

            Los Angeles Times, Orange County, August     

            “ ’87 Images a cut above the usual”… Cathy Curtis

            San Francisco Telegram Tribune, January     

            “Art for Peace”, Mary Ann Trevathan

            Image, May 3, San Francisco   

            “Arts for a Better World”,  Jeffery Kahn

            Five Cities Times-Press-Recorder San Luis Obispo, January 16

            “Show Makes a Plea for Peace”

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