Narrative Wall Relief Constructions  1990 - 2005
Acrylic, gold leaf, silver leaf, crackle glaze, objects, text, hex bolts, birch
Nancy Gifford Art Rip In The Fabric of Time
Nancy Gifford Art Hands That Help, Sai Bab

Rip In The Fabric of Time 96 x 78"

I took a trip through a rip in the fabric of time.

They called my doctor, he called it madness, I called it cure.

They called my priest, he called it blasphemy, I called it epiphany. They called my president, he called it treason, I called it freedom.

They called my critics, they called it folly, I called it art.

Hands That Help 96 x 88"

Hands that help are holier than hands that pray.

                                                        Sai Baba

Nancy Gifford Art A Little Madness
Nancy Gifford Art Leonard's Lament

A Little Madness 72 x 48"

A little madness in the spring is wholesome even for the King.

                                                                      Emily Dickinson

Leonard's Lament 35 x 48"

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

It's where the light gets in.

                         Leonard Cohen

Nancy Gifford Art The Infra-red Universe of Birdman & Little Fella

The Infra-red Universe of Birdman & Little Fella 36 x 36"

Confusion rained on Birdman & Little Fella.

Birdman's mind expanded.

They now saw eye to eye.

Fella complained, "God is such a know-it-all."

They waited for a miracle to come.

They searched for love.

Birdman dreamed he was drowning in luxury.

One of them had to leave first.

Nancy Gifford Artist Golden Opportunity

Golden Opportunity 36 x 36"

The Ephemeral Quality of a Golden Opportunity

Nancy Gifford Artist Code Beacon

Code Beacon 78 x 40"

Time Is Gods Length 42 x 72"
Beauty Reigns 48 x 72"
Vessels 36 x 48"
Arcade 48 x 48"
Magnetism 48 x 48"
Worm Holes 48 x 48"
In Decline 48 x 36"
Golden Chair 24 x 24"
Heading Toward the Light 60 x 39"
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Niche Wall Relief Constructions 1985 - 2005
One Tree Hill 36 x 42 x 3"
Beach Haven 14 x 19 x 6"
Caged Spirit 13 x 13"
The Three Fates 32 x 26"
Black Root 48 x 48 x 3"
Roman Bathers 32 x 26"
Don Quiote 20 x 20 x 3"
Zen In The Balance 48 x 48"
Idiot Wind 17 x 17"
Fleeing the Ebony Tower 21 x50"
Three Gates 28 x 43"
Decline of the Ivory Tower 28 x66
Pearls Before Swine 48 x 48"
Under Milkwood 27 x 28"
Entanglements 60 x 60"
Ive Been Offered Wings 21 x 27"
Freedom 48 x 36"
Free Spirit 48 x 36"
Alchemy 36 x 48"
An Educated Couple 60 x 24"
Mona Says 48 x 72"
Da Vincis Three Lost Years 32 x 48"
Norma Jean 24 x 36"
Voodoo Feet 17 x 17"
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